Breathe New Life Into
User Experience

How do users interact with your business?
Give them what they need to convert.

Today it’s all about the user experience, and how potential customers interact with your business. Your website is your biggest marketing tool. It represents you as a business – it showcases your culture and your employees, and tells the consumer what you are really all about. Do you know what your users are doing once they land on your page? Are they confused? Do they find the information they need to convert to a paying customer? These are just some basic questions you need to start thinking about. We focus on creating user-friendly digital experiences to ensure your business is successful online.

Are your customers turning into leads?
Here’s what we look at.

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Do you give your users enough information about your products and services that they feel confident enough to contact your business? Simple bullet points, or the same content that has been utilized by others in your industry, isn’t enough these days.



Do you look credible in the eyes of your customer? Does your website build trust? Does it showcase your “doing good in the community”, positive reviews and testimonials? Case studies, blogs, videos? Everything matters in the eyes of a consumer. 

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What does your website look, and feel, like? Is there enough contrast? Good use of images, whitespace, calls to action? Does it give unique content and videos to the potential customer, inspiring them to make contact with you? It should.

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What value are you giving your website’s visitors? It may be a hard question to answer, but your overall look and feel, and your content, should align with your company. If your potential customer doesn’t spend time browsing your site, it simply isn’t giving them value.

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The most frustrating aspect of any website is our inability to find the information we need. Is your website easy to navigate? Are there creative 404s in place? Is it mobile responsive? Is it easy to contact your business? Are contact forms quick to fill out?

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Website speed is now a factor just ask Google. This July, websites that aren’t fast will drop from Google’s mobile index. Yes, you should be alarmed. And you should be taking measures to ensure you have optimal speed for your website.

Products are created in the factory.
Brands are created in the mind.

81% of Consumers Do Research Online Before they Buy

There’s a lot to consider if you want to understand the full user experience your website provides. UX prioritizes utility, and is intended to create a positive emotional response whenever someone engages with a product.  What are you about? How are you different?
We like to call it the 6 Cs for Success:
1) Creativity & Emotion – Brand, Emotions & Photos
2) Cognitive Appeal – Target Aspiration, Persuasion, Education
3) Communication – Text, Images, Titles, Content
4) Content – Inspiration, User Focus,  Calls to action
5) Community – Greater Good, Social, Testimonials, Satisfaction
6) Compatibility – Speaking directly to your target audience. 


We’ll sit down and have a Fireside chat, to determine your overall goals with your current and potential clients. We’ll discover how you market your website, various entry points, and a whole lot more.


We will go through your site, page by page, and explore your social media and other channels. We’ll analyze how your website visitors are interacting with you. This may include setting up Heat Maps


If you’d like our team to help you through this process, we will set up a strategy moving forward, creating various mockups and a comprehensive plan to launch the changes to your UX.


If you’d like our team to help you through this process, we will set up a strategy moving forward, creating various mockups and a comprehensive plan to launch the changes to your UX.

65% of leads were generated through online marketing with online bookings increasing year over year!

Working With Us. How We Roll.

At Amaze Digital we rigorously analyze your website and various digital touch points. We delve into your brand’s experience across multiple channels, as well as your customers’ behaviours and intents.

 It’s about creating the best user experience for your customers’ interaction with your brand. From here, we’ll make detailed recommendations, and work with your team to make any enhancements to your overall website strategy.