Upbeet Juciery

E-Commerce / Web Development / Package Design

We love to be healthy!

UpBeet Juicery is an online organic, gluten-free, vegan juice and wellness invention bar from the heart of Grapevine, TX.  UpBeet Juicery offers innovative selection of delicious, nutritious and helpful dietary solutions for anyone in search of a plant based healthy lifestyle. With only a few competitors in the DFW area, Digital Apeel created the full package: branding – package design, Facebook campaign, SEO optimization and the e-commerce website platform. 

Deeply Nutritious & Eye Catching

Digital Apeel helped creating a minimalist branding around the Juicery that included unique graphic elements, logo and website design with shopping cart and payment system setup. The fresh organic look helps visitors to navigate easily and convert them into paying customer. We also set up UpBeet Juicery’s Facebook page, created multiple targeted campaigns daily to raise brand awareness.

E-Commerce Website Development

We worked with Upbeet to setup an e-commerce online solutions, utilizing Woo Commerce. Our team programmed everything in-house including the full website that was designed with a clean, fresh approach in style to match the company brand.

Client Love

It was delightful working with Digital Apeel and the whole team. The initial Scoping, development and delivery was absolutely smooth. Thanks to them our juicer is now running non-stop.
Upbeet juicery