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Usability Guide

What is website usability? Website usability defines how easy it is to use and navigate your website. Tools for Testing Your Website’s Usability Readability tools:

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Spring in on the Action with Google Posts for Business

Are you using Google Posts for your business?  Google Posts Gives businesses the ability to share daily specials, deals, promote events, and most importantly give potential customers a direct path to visit your website. 

Just how Important are Reviews for your business?

How important are reviews for your business? Today, 97% of consumers read reviews, they typically check between 5 to 10 sources of information before making a decision to contact a business. 

How to utilize Instagram for business

How can you succed with instagram for your business? Corporate Culture is one of the best ways to highlight behind the scenes of your business.Watch to find out more!

Top Digital Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

That’s a big question without knowing the specific industry, so it’s hard to answer.  Social media is like a “secret sauce,” while Facebook could work for one business, Instagram could work better for another. Your social media needs to align with your business strategy. Facebook is a good place to start however – just because of the amount of people that spend on average of 20 minutes or more a day. However if you are trying to broadcast your company culture? Instagram would be a better way to go.

Traditional SEO has evolved to also include social and content. Today’s SEO requires you to evolve into social media and content. You can’t get ahead on SEO if you don’t do content marketing. However the short answer is YES. If you want to stay one step ahead of your competitors locally you need SEO.

Absolutely Not. While we can guarantee if you hire Amaze Digital for SEO, we will do your SEO correctly and through “whitehat” methods (which basically means what Google deems correct) we cannot guarantee rankings. Any company that guarantee’s anything SEO is not following Google ethics. Not to mention nobody has control over the way Google ranks your website. No matter how small or big of a company no agency or marketing firm can guarantee placement. If you come across a company that does, stay far, far away.

Most definitely. It’s been proven time and time again that not utilizing social media marketing can actually harm your business. Having an online profile on social media for your company is actually now expected. Word of mouth is not the way to navigate helping your business.  More and more people these days use social media and check reviews on websites to gather information. 

More than ever.  You need online reviews. Recommendations have shifted online, although of course word of mouth exists, but your online reviews do two jobs in one (marketing and recommendations). They are marketing you faster than any marketing you can buy. People read reviews. It’s just that simple. People do a lot of deep research before they buy a product or decide on a service. It’s critical that your business puts a lot of effort into online reviews.

That’s a difficult one to answer, but the best thing you can do for your business is to post on a content schedule.  The worst thing you can do is go days or months with not posting. You will not only lose followers but appear to not be in sync with your social marketing efforts. (See article about FB posting).

This all depends how you are running your Facebook campaigns, if you have a good content or rather boring content. Social media is important whether you are getting direct sales leads or not. Facebook can be looked at a way to brand your business when you first start out. Getting followers, likes and people to engage with your brand is very important. You make your business look credible in the eyes of consumers.