Optimizing Your Content Strategy & Buyer Personas

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There are many reasons why content should be the main focus of your marketing strategy.  53% of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority (HubSpot, 2017). Priority is established based on the benefits, and content is definitely king when it comes to the advantages that it provides. Constantly publishing valuable content can help you to be noticed by valuable partners and investors. Content has the power to attract amazing c-marketing opportunities. Think about virtual summits.

An SEO optimized content article can take months, if not longer, to generate traffic for your business. Multi-channel content promotion, on the other hand, is the most secure way to guarantee that you get traffic every day.  Businesses and content marketers need to assign more time to content promotion than to creating it.  30% to 70% is a general rule to follow. If you spend 10 hours on your article, you should spend 23 hours promoting it. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? But in reality, it’s not.

How do you develop an effective content promotion strategy?

The concise answer is to develop a promotion checklist based on content personas.

Remember: Add calls-to-action or implement content gates, and build your followers list. Create lead magnets for each customer segment, so that you can segment your email list and send personalized offers based on the interests of your audience.

Take the following steps:

  1. Develop content personas by attaching the following questions to the buyer personas:

  • Most visited social media channels and blogs
  • Hashtags most followed
  • Facebook groups most visited
  • Time consuming social media
  • Time opening emails
  • Does the buyer start social conversations or just listen?
  • Does he or she consume content primarily on a desktop or mobile device?
  • How do competitors grab the attention of this person with their content?
  1. Create a promotion checklist for each content persona.

For example:

  1. This applies to all content personas: remember that an article, in order to be self-promoted, should meet readability standards. Specifically, use images to break up text every 200-250 words, and write short paragraphs. This way, you know that you will be able to keep your readers on the page.
  2. Ask influencers for a quote. It doesn’t have to be messy or immediate work. Track your relationship with influencers using NinjaOutreach.
  3. Add URL shorteners such as bit.ly to track the performance of the content promotion.
  4. Make sure that you promote your related blog posts by offering a related section under your article. This helps to keep your visitors on your site for longer.
  5. Boost the publishing of articles with Facebook ads targetting the content persona demographics
  6. Send emails to influencers that the content persona follows, and ask them to share the article
  7. Post to Facebook groups that the content persona is likely to visit
  8. Post to Linkedin groups that you assigned to the content persona
  9. If the content persona enjoys listening to podcasts on the way to work, then create an audio version of the article.
  10. If you are targeting a female demographic, create 4- 5 pins for a 1000 word article, then use the Tailwind app to boost your traffic with a Pinterest promotion.
  11. Schedule 5 variations of tweets for the next 3 months, in order to promote the article.
  12. If you are targeting the B2B industry, create a presentation from the article and share it on slide-sharing sites.
  13. In the article itself, use social media sharing plugins that will make it easier for your visitors to help you promote your article.
  14. Comment on related blogs.
  15. Post on Q&A sites like Quora or Yahoo Answers.
  16. Always use social bookmarking sites.
  1. Assign each headline to the content persona

To smooth the workflow, assign the content persona to each headline. With this in mind, the actions of the promotion are entirely transparent. Your editorial calendar is not just a time management toolit will help you simplify your content promotion. There are many avenues to promote content, so choose the one that works best for your business and industry. While some content may work on Facebook, other pieces of content work better on Instagram. Doing A/B split testing will help you find that golden goose for your business.

Ultimately, content dominates the marketing strategy. Content has earned its reputation as king through high ROI, and continuous demand in the current era and lifestyle that your customers lead.

What is a buyer persona?

A buyer persona profile determines ease of use for the content marketing writers. It should be practical and actionable. Marketers still make mistakes when they talk about buyer personas, so it is always important to understand what buyer persona profiles are not.

  • Buyer persona profiles are not just demographic groups
  • They are not just interest and hobby groups
  • They do not ask you to include irrelevant information, or to always follow a template.

You shouldn’t care about their location, hobbies, or religionyou should be concerned about their buying decision.

To be able to target buyer persona and influence their buying decisions, always include the following in the profile:

  1. How do they think about alternatives available to them?

Make your brand stand out by offering your buyer persona the best choice.

  1. What results do your buyers expect to achieve, by purchasing this solution? Expectations are critical. Your buyer personas might expect more from your product, and also expect you to provide what you translate into the value proposition. All the materials you useimages, videos, communicationdetermine the expectations. It’s always better to over-deliver.
  2. Which aspects of competing products do your buyers perceive as the most critical?
  3. What concerns/barriers cause your buyers to believe that your solution or company is not their best option? For example: location, price, young brand, not enough reviews about the new product.

Number of Buyer Personas

Each buyer persona relates to separate content and buyer journey. The first question is: do you have enough resources for it? Secondly, have you tried looking for commonalities across your market segments? Maybe you don’t need second, third, and fourth buyer personas at all.

It is best to conduct research, surveys, and interviews, to build your own personas. Sometimes, fictional buyer personas can do more harm than good.

Why most companies usually want to avoid negative personas

The most common reasons tend to be that negative personas are:

  • On a limited or restrictive budget
  • Readers who are only engaging with your content for research
  • Too advanced for your product
  • A potential customer, but the cost of acquiring them is too high.

How content targets Buyer Persona

If you answer the right questions in your buyer persona profile, the content requirement becomes apparent, too. For example: when you know the barriers, you can direct your content accordingly. When you identify the decision-making processthe buyer is accountable to the CEO, for exampleyou publish an article about “How to convince your CEO about the importance of …” or “Does your CEO know that this service would save your department 30%?”

It’s all about understanding the decision process and stakeholders involved, when it comes to strategic content marketing headlines.

How do social media channels determine the success of targeting buyer persona?

Imagine that you write an excellent post about your experience building a garden. You make a video, create a beautiful infographic, and target young stay-at-home mums. Then you decide to post only on LinkedIn and Twitter. Essentially, all your creation efforts have now become worthless. Why? Because you have chosen the wrong social media channels.

A buyer persona profile should include the channels where they spend the greatest amount of time.

Including your buyer personas in every process of content marketing can dramatically improve conversion rates and reduce churn rate. Therefore, when filling your editorial calendar, always insist your content marketer identify the specific buyer persona for each headline.

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