Master Facebook For Your Business

What you do after you create your content is what truly counts. Content isn’t King, it’s the Kingdom.

Facebook has redefined the way businesses communicate with customers. The “always on” customer has changed the level of customer service expectations today. The massive rewards of Facebook are intense and amazing, but if done incorrectly they can not only be costly like other digital campaigns but have a “foot in your mouth” reaction.  We offer one-on-one personalized training for business owners on Facebook. We will show you how to build an exclusive audience & active community – a platform full of people who love your brand and are ready to champion your business to others. 

They say it’s all about conversation, but for small businesses and nonprofits, this can be a real challenge. Our training is designed to help you get started using Facebook in a way that is not only suited for your business but also appeals to your customers by utilizing your business’s unique style, corporate culture and brand.

At Our Facebook Training you will learn:



We will help you reach the people that will engage with your industry. Learn how spending a mere $15 can go a long way to promote your content.

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You need to know the nitty gritty. How often to post?, Scheduling software & apps, optimizing content to your audience and much more.

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Reviews are important for any business. We will teach you how to respond to reviews on Facebook and gather more from your customers.

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We will work with your team to create a custom content calendar for your business. A custom content calendar for at least 30 days is a must for success.

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We will properly train you on how to use short links, install Facebook Pixel and show you how to measure ROI from social media.



Take your strategy to a new level. Broadcast to your audience with the camera in your pocket. Learn how to have engaging conversations through FB Live.

Be relevant don't
stick out and interRupt

People want to learn before they buy, to be educated instead of pitched to.

We’ve all started projects, housework, or set those awesome fitness goals only to not follow through. Same goes for any Social Media platform: we start out with the best intentions but we don’t follow through. Our custom content calendar will help you stay on top of the game 30 days in advance, while always tweaking and adding where needed. This is a must for paid media to stay in the forefront of your customers’ mind, engage them and allow them to champion your brand. We use a combination of content, audience engagement, and paid ads to promote your brand. 

How Will My Business Benefit?

Grow Your Audience

 Facebook lets you target new audiences. Understand when to schedule content based on your customers intents.

Build Trust

Having a solid Facebook Page is essential. We help you build trust and boost your brand to cultivate relationships. 

Influence Purchases

People today say and active Facebook page will influence their buying decisions including services such as dentists, plumbers, etc.

Showcase Knowledge

Establish your business as an authority in your industry through an amazing content strategy. We’ll get you going!

Training Overview

This one-on-one training series will include 1 hour of training time. It’s available online and locally in Vancouver, BC. You will receive a manual for reference to all training material covered.

Price: : $189 (1 Hour Training Session)

Let’s build a community
that will champion your brand.

We have worked with some very Happy Clients

Well to say we didn't do well at Facebook is an understatement. Seriously it is. I think we posted just because it was expected? Thank you for all the information and building out our content plan going forward. The training manual is like the cherry on top of the cake.

Heritage Chiropractic

The Facebook training really opened my eyes of what I could do for my business. I was so lost before hand. We use to just post a few times a month and hope for the best. Not anymore! The new content calendar is honestly beyond impressive. Thank you so much!

Dr. Niall Renwick

A Word From Your Trainer

"I love Facebook! I've trained a lot of businesses to use the Facebook and keep their brand at the forefront of their customers' minds, while doing so at a low cost with tools like sponsored posts." Many sales professionals and businesses are now using Facebook as a tool, and too many are using it the wrong way, leaving them struggling to find engagement with their audiences. This is why we've developed this dedicated, one-on-one training session. We provide a custom tailored approach that's designed just for you and your business! I have over 11 years of experience with both digital and traditional marketing in many different industries, have won a Shorty Award for Social Media and Content Marketing, and a prestigious Lennox International Marketing award. I am 100% confident that Amaze Digital can help your business to grow to its full potential through Facebook Marketing.
~ Alisa Makowski, Creative Director at Amaze Digital Inc.

Amaze Digital’s initiatives and planning approach has delivered our brand strategy perfectly, hitting our target audience with Facebook.

Need Facebook Management?
Yes, we do that too.

The Amaze Digital team will develop a solid campaign strategy that will help you interact with prospective customers, address comments, and post within a well developed content calendar. We’re not here to stuff your Facebook page with the usual “buy now” talk – we’re here to understand your long-term goals, research your audience, and provide them with content they will enjoy. Your Facebook page should be a mix of educational, entertaining, and soft promotion, but be interactive enough to sell to a potential customer.

  • Facebook Campaign Management$550/per month

    Includes: 12 Posts (including 1 sales post). $75 Ad Spend. Monthly call & reporting. Stock Photos included. **Bonus 30 Second Explainer Video included in campaign**

  • Custom Campaign Management$750+

    Need something more? We can help you create the perfect Facebook Solution. Whether this means custom content creation, blog writing or videos. Get in touch!