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Lost in the world of digital marketing?

At Amaze Digital, we believe in helping small businesses succeed.  Marketing often appears complex, and can intimidate business owners who aren’t familiar with the constantly changing online world. We will sit down with you and go over all your digital and traditional marketing to help you get a clearer picture of how you can go full throttle.

Remember: It’s all about creating relationships with real people, after all.  We’ve helped businesses to realize their potential, increase their top rankings, build their brands on social media, and dig deeper with strategies to engage current and prospective customers through customer experience solutions. 

Be Yourself.
Everyone Else is Taken.



SEO is no longer just an online science, it’s developed into its own art. We’ve brought a wealth of skills to work for many clients, including Fortune 500 companies! They’ve benefited from our combination of algorithm expertise, jaw dropping content, social and much more.

Social media

Social media has redefined the way businesses communicate with customers. The “always on” customer has changed the level of customer service expectations today. The right balance is key: blend in and be relevant, but don’t stick out and interrupt.

Online Review Management

Online reviews can literally make or break your business in today's online world. Ignoring bad reviews and even positive ones can have an impact on your bottom line. Today over 97% of users read reviews and at least 10 sources of information before making a decision.


Our Google-certified analytics team will assess your current system to determine just how efficient it is. We’ll look at different sources and methods of collecting data, and create a report of all issues and discrepancies. Then we will work towards solutions.

Paid Advertising

The massive rewards of paid advertising are intense and amazing, but if done incorrectly they are insanely costly. Not only do you waste money but the wrong CTA's won't make your phone ring either. PPC takes skill and knowledge.

Content Marketing

Traditional Marketing Talks To People. Content Marketing Converses With Them. Content is the forefront of every single phase of the customer lifecycle. These days people want to learn before they buy, to be educated instead of pitched to.

Interested? Then help us help you by getting in touch with us. 

how can a consultation help my business grow?

There are countless marketing tactics and strategies out there, so where do you start? Where do you focus your time? We’ll talk about your current marketing concerns & future goals.  Getting started with a consult and audit of your current practices is the best way to go forward. 

Even in the most competitive industries we are able to crush it and find a unique advantage, and we’ve done the same for tons of companies.