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How to Deal with the Inevitability of Negative Reviews

How Your Business Can Recover from Negative Reviews You have some negative reviews.  They look terrible and you need to forget them, recover, and move …

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Those Pesky Reviews & Things You Must Do!

As a consultant at Digital Apeel, there’s one question I’ve asked so many times, I’ve lost track: have you checked or responded to your online …

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Google Posts for Local Businesses – Here’s Your Advantage!

Local businesses can all benefit from a presence on Facebook and Google My Business, but there’s a competition heating up that’s beyond your control. As …

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The Ultimate Guide: How To Respond to Reviews Both Negative & Positive

We hope that this guide will help you establish brand guidelines for responding to your customers’ online reviews. Review Tip:  Always reply to every review …

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How Google Local Guides are impacting businesses

Business review sites matter to any local business. Why? The answer is in front of you every day.

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