Measure Everything
with Analytics.

Don’t Monkey around with Analytics. It’s like lighting a match to your money.

Digital is an ever-shifting landscape. Without analytics correctly monitoring every aspect of your digital forefront, you are losing massive opportunities. Essentially, you are missing every opportunity to not only know where your visitors come from, but how you should really be spending your ad budget. With so many potential digital touch points, your analytics need to perform for your business. Without data, insight is impossible. Do you know what device your customers are using to access a touch point? Is it mobile? Is it desktop? Where are your users coming from? How long do they stay on your website? What are your drop-off rates? So many questions, so many answers. While analytics may not be rocket science, it is definitely an art. This is the data that determines where you spend your advertising dollars, and when.
Are you running a Google AdWords campaign 24/7 when your visitors are only coming until 9pm? Your business is wasting money.

Savvy businesses mine data to deliver the right message at the right time.

How we will mine your data:


Assessment and audit

Our Google-certified analytics team will assess your current system to determine just how efficient it is. We’ll look at different sources and methods of collecting data, and create a report of all issues and discrepancies. Then we will work towards solutions.


Customer Insights:

You need to know what digital touch points are being utilized by your potential customer. This is why we draw and map out your business’s customer insights. Through these metrics you will be able to gain better insight on what you can do to improve, and what works best for, your marketing.



We will define the optimal way to collect, process, and analyze your data. Whether it’s implementing Google Tag Manager, or utilizing heat maps to record how a visitor interacts with your website, we will establish the best way to measure every facet of your digital footprint.



We will present the data in an easy, accessible manner through customized monthly reports. These reports are tailored to fit your business, and show you the most relevant information. We will continue to monitor and maintain your data for any and all new marketing campaigns your team implements.