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Amaze Digital was born in 2008, with the idea that small businesses deserve much better – a personalized, humanized approach to marketing. Through the digital journey businesses need a partner that will help them grow, and empower them in the process.

We are amongst our clients biggest cheerleaders. When you truly understand a partner’s business, the passion they bring to the table; and work hard to help them achieve their goals; you grow fond of their business. To us, success isn’t measured in jargon-laden reports; success comes from partners achieving shared goals. It’s that simple. We don’t just build marketing plans; we build relationships.


Web Development

Make an unforgettable first impression with your customer. We ensure that your website & graphics speak your company’s lingo and communicates your culture, hopes, and dreams to the intended audience.

User Experience & Analytics

Are you converting website users into customers? Are you giving them what they need to convert? Today, it's all about user experience & how they interact with your business.

Social Media, Content, Video

The “always on” customer has upped customer service expectations. It’s time to build an exclusive audience - an active community full of people who are ready to champion your business to others.

Branding & Design

We provide iconic graphic design, branding and online ad design services. These days, brands are so much more than a slogan and a logo. A brand’s package encompasses every point in the customer experience.

PPC Advertising

We combine strategy, super-targeted audiences, & amazing CTAs that actually work for your industry - no meaningless words like: leading, best, top, & #1. No, seriously. Your phone needs to ring.

Audit, Planning & Strategy

Lost in the world of Digital Marketing? We sit down with you and go over all your digital and traditional marketing, to help you get a clearer picture of how you can go full throttle.

We cheer you on Every step of the way.
That's a promise.

Our team

Our experience matters. A team of creative minds, skilled in thinking outside-the-box, our talents are used to present clients with the engagement and results that they deserve.

Alisa Makowski

Creative Director

Alisa fell in love with marketing way back in 2002. She started working with various corporations and obtained her B.Sc in Marketing.  With The Furnace Company in 2006, is where she really sunk her teeth into the craft dominating the market through: Web, Social, Traditional Marketing, Partnering with Costco and working with loyalty programs such as Aeroplan and Air Miles. In 2011, after a major acquisition, Alisa continued to consult with various types of clients from travel, HVAC, hospitality, medical/dental, to SAAS, and many more. Working with the City of Edmonton in a consulting role in Content Marketing she was able to craft various designs, content, and PPC Ads on Facebook – not to mention winning a prestigious Shorty Award.  Continuing down the road of marketing, working in SAAS gave her exposure to coaching Fortune 500 teams through SEO, Analytics and website implementations.  In 2016, she was tasked with going back to the HVAC world and ensuring internet dominance for the Furnace Family an Amaze Client. Through Alisa’s marketing leadership within the first year, the company has achieved internet success, winning top 100 dealer award, Best of HomeStars, Western Canada Marketing award and growing at a steady pace. Outside of the world of marketing – she is an avid runner, and a foodie. If she’s not crafting stellar marketing strategies and supporting her clients to achieve huge successand let’s be honest, that’s what she lives and breathes foryou can find her traveling, running or fine dining.

Jenn Lisoway

Connoisseur of Pantone

Jenn started out in the printing Industry shortly after completing a diploma in Digital Graphics Communications at SAIT in 2002. After moving into the travel and tourism industry in 2005, she continued with designing various marketing collateral. Skip a few years ahead and Jenn set her sights on expanding her knowledge into  the event industry by enrolling in courses at Mount Royal University in the Event Management Program.  She’s also a Certified Wedding Coordinator with the WPIC. Jenn is one of Amaze Digital’s lead designers, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project.

Kathy Renwick

CLICK & COPY Cruncher

As Amaze Digital’s PPC (pay-per-click) guru, or as we like to call her, the Lady of Numbers, Kathy’s job is ensuring that campaigns work flawlessly to attain our clients super amazing ROI.  With a B.Comm. in Marketing, Kathy has worked primarily in the PPC field, but has also developed her exceptional skills as a self-taught Content Marketer, she ended up working for many large corporations in both aspects.  Outside of marketing Kathy loves to cook at home and continue to keep track of all things digital marketing.

Jackie Zwirn

Lady Wordsmith

Since starting her own blog over five years ago, Jackie Zwirn has worked primarily as a copywriter, blogger and novelist. Jackie’s job is ensuring that everything looks good and has been written to SEO and marketing specifications. She’s written articles for websites such as AAA Arbitration, Krypton Radio, What A Nerd Girl Says and The Los Angeles Dumbledore’s Army (the 2nd largest Harry Potter fan group in the country) fan publications, “The DA Prophet” and “The Squibbler.” She is currently the Lady Wordsmith for Amaze Digital, doing most of the writing. She’s published several short stories under a pen name, and is working on publishing several more, as well as a full-length novel.

Shailiesh Reza

Web Kahuna

Shailesh is Amaze Digital’s Web Lead Designer. He’s been developing websites since the early days – of yes, dial up internet. With over 15 years experience and being up to date with the latest technology and design elements, Shailesh makes sure every website that goes live provides our clients a user experience like no other. He’s always researching new ways and models to better his game plan for new clients. 


Office Ninja

Monkey (otherwise known as Jetter) spends his days guarding the office and taking anyone on an offer for free travel around the world. Among other places, he’s been roaming London, Las Vegas (we really don’t want to know the trouble he got into), Vancouver, and, of course, any beach he can find a way onto, sitting on the sand and enjoying banana-mamas. You’ll never see him without a smile on his face.